Founded by a group of IT Operational Executives, Technology Vendor Management Educational Services (TVMES) mission is to produce targeted training and educational services designed to enhance an individual’s professional capability across the broad range of areas technology vendor managers are accountable. This includes vendor management & governance, software asset management, cloud consumption management, third party risk management, IoT Governance and RPA Centers of Excellence.

The roles and responsibilities of Technology VMO’s continue to evolve rapidly due to the impact and reality of digital transformation. What once was a sole focus on ‘value leakage’ has expanded to include the effective and effective use of a broad range of IT assets while maintaining diligence on risk tolerance and exposure.


In addition to the expertise of the founders, TVMES utilizes the expertise of an extended ‘Curriculum Development Team’ to produce truly unique and effective courses based on real-life operational reality. Each member of the Curriculum Development Team has years of experience with Fortune 500 firms in their assigned discipline.

To fulfill the needs of Technology VMO Leaders and Practitioners, TVMES offers a unique portfolio of targeted training and educational services for individuals in the high growth professions of software asset management (SAM), cloud consumption management (CCM), technology vendor management (TVMO), third party risk management (TPRM), Internet of Things (IoT) Governance and Robotic Process Automation (RPA-IA) Centers of Excellence (CoE’s). Training courses are delivered in a number of manners to provide participants maximum flexibility. Delivery methods include online self-paced study, virtual scheduled instructor led on-line classes as well as in-person classroom sessions.

TVMES utilizes targeted web sites to form the online community of interest featuring access to training, timely topics, opinion and market research.