The ’30-Second Value Statement’

30-Second Value Statement

As I work with leaders across VMO, SAM and TPRM operations, I am continually surprised to learn how few of these individuals can clearly state their organizational ‘value statement’ in a concise, effective manner. Being able to clearly state the value proposition of your operation is a core requirement for any leader to ensure they are aligned with the strategic requirements of their organization.

Why is this an issue?

These same individuals tell me their frustration with gaining access to executives and securing the required investment to deliver on their mission. How can we gain the required support if we ourselves are unable to document the value we deliver today and the expanded value we will deliver when we receive the requested funding?

As a leader in these critical organizations; organizations that are experiencing significant exposure due to the focus on software asset, third party risk and maximizing vendor value, your ability to deliver a powerful 30-Second Value Statement could mean the difference between elimination of your function or investment and expanded contribution.

– by Suresh Subbu

TaaS for VMO and SAM leaders


TVMES is pleased to announce the introduction of our Tool selection as a Service (TaaS) for VMO and SAM leaders. We have been continually asked by our clients to support them in selecting an appropriate platform to enable their VMO or SAM operation. Leveraging our experience using these tools and unique insight to the technical capabilities each platform offers, we have develop comprehensive evaluation models that align a client’s unique requirements with the appropriate platform.

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