The role of Technology Vendor Management continues to evolve and expand due to the realities of digital transformation. What once was a straight forward operation focused on maximizing the value realized from IT partners, VMO leaders and practitioners must now be prepared to support an organizations management of software assets (SAM), function as the ‘First Line of Defense’ (FLOD) for Third Party Risk Management organizations,  effectively monitor and manage cloud consumption, support RPA Center of Excellence governance capability as well as develop and implement governance of Internet of Thing partners.

Technology Vendor Management Educational Services (TVMES) has aligned our training and certification curriculums to these VMO disciplines to support development of greater professional capability and continually advance best practices in each of these distinct yet aligned skills. To ensure continued alignment with operational best practices and provide our participants the best training experience, TVMES maintains a network of professionals within each of our targeted disciplines to support development and delivery of TVMES’s methodologies. The Curriculum Development Team are not professional trainers or educators. They are real professionals, expert in the discipline they contribute.

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