Software Asset Management professionals are under constant pressure to defend their organization and prove the value of their function. Operating in near constant fear an audit notification will arrive, SAM professionals many times miss the opportunity to have their organizations prepared with rehearsed and coordinated responses.

This lack of preparation and ability to establish the full operational benefits of the SAM function leaves professionals vulnerable, having their effectiveness called into question when an audit notification arrives.

sammaturity is NOT AN AUDIT DEFENSE SOLUTION.  sammaturity delivers unique training methodologies to help SAM practitioners and leaders alike develop the skills necessary to establish and maintain audit ready SAM operations that deliver extended business value.

sammaturity’s mission is to deliver these methodologies and frameworks to course participants virtually in self-paced or scheduled group classes. The curriculums contain multiple templates designed to be put to immediate use and multiple exercises to help participants practice the techniques necessary to achieve professional success. sammaturity courses culminate with a certification exam to document mastery of the content.

In addition to the courses, curriculums and certification programs, sammaturity has developed a detailed, multi-dimensional framework to assist clients when considering or evaluating software asset platforms, whether they be built for purpose SAM platforms or an ITSM module. In addition, sammaturity offers a Cloud Consumption Management tool selection capability. The CCM selection platform evaluates the needs of SAM & Cloud Architecture to deliver targeted recommendations.

sammaturity’s offerings include:

  • SAM Leader Operational Self-Assessment & Certification
  • SAM Audit Readiness Training & Practitioner Certification
  • SAM Leader Operational Blueprint Review
  • SAM Platform/Tool Evaluation, Recommendation & Implementation Support
  • Cloud Consumption Management (CCM) Platform Recommendation & Implementation Support