Third Party Risk Management programs require effective, fully integrated, cross-business unit support to execute First Line of Defense (FLOD) functions. If the individuals performing FLOD functions are not actively engaged, educated on the value of the requested task, or understand where their contribution fits within the overall risk model, the TPRM program fails.

tprmmaturity, utilizing the operational experience of running a VMO and establishing the TPRM function within a global financial organization, features methodologies, frameworks and training curriculums targeted specifically at the engagement and effectiveness of the First Line of Defense within the TPRM framework.

In addition to the courses, curriculums and certification programs, tprmmaturity has developed a detailed, multi-dimensional framework to assist clients when considering or evaluating Third Party Risk Management platforms. Utilizing our experience selecting, implementing, operating and maintaining TPRM platforms in Fortune 500 settings, tprmmaturity is uniquely qualified to help clients with this challenging selection and implementation process.

tprmmaturity’s offerings include:

  • TPRM FLOD Certified Practitioner
  • TPRM FLOD Certified Leader
  • TPRM Platform/Tool Evaluation, Recommendation & Implementation Support