vmomaturity is dedicated to the continued development of Technology Vendor Management (VMO) leader and team members professional capabilities. We deliver on this mission by providing leading edge virtual training, self-assessment methodologies and certification programs for VMO leaders and practitioners. Virtual and in-person delivery of vmomaturity’s educational curriculums, built upon unique operational frameworks and methodologies, empowers VMO professionals to advance their careers and continually achieve enhanced operational execution.  With successful completion of vmomaturity’s courses, participants are recognized with certification and designation of the completed course.

In addition to the courses and curriculums, vmomaturity has developed a detailed, multi-dimensional framework to assist clients when considering or evaluating VMO Governance tools or platforms. Utilizing our experience selecting, implementing, operating and maintaining VMO platforms in Fortune 500 settings, vmomaturity is uniquely qualified to help clients with this challenging selection and implementation process.

vmomaturity’s offerings include:

  • Technology VMO Leader Operational Self-Assessment & Certification
  • VMO Team Member Training & Practitioner Certification
  • Technology VMO Leader Blueprint Review
  • VMO Platform/Tool Evaluation, Recommendation & Implementation Support